b a f e d g c T A4 A3 A2 A1 D3 R11 84 x 28,5mm + + HODINY )S(2008.07 L N 1 50mA <B>Dual In Line</B><p> package type P >NAME >VALUE <b>TRANSFORMER</b><p> 1 primary winding, 1 secondary winding >NAME >VALUE P1 EE20 S1 1 4 5 8 <b>RECTIFIER</b> >VALUE >NAME <b>ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITOR</b><p> grid 2.54 mm, diameter 7 mm >NAME >VALUE <b>CAPACITOR</b><p> grid 2.5 mm, outline 2.4 x 4.4 mm >NAME >VALUE <b>Trimm capacitor</b> STELCO GmbH<p> 5 S-Triko 160 V DC for PCB mounting,<p> Adjustable from one side, vertical to PCB >NAME >VALUE <b>RESISTOR</b><p> type 0204, grid 2.5 mm >NAME >VALUE <b>RESISTOR</b><p> type 0204, grid 7.5 mm >NAME >VALUE <b>RESISTOR</b><p> type 0207, grid 15mm >NAME >VALUE <b>RESISTOR</b><p> chip >NAME >VALUE <b>CAPACITOR</b><p> chip >NAME >VALUE <b>TO-92</b><p> grid 5.08 mm >NAME >VALUE <b>LED DISPLAY</b><p> 15-mm 2 character 7 segment, decimal point right >NAME >VALUE <b>OMRON SWITCH</b> >NAME >VALUE 1 2 3 4 <b>CRYSTAL</b> >NAME >VALUE <b>FEMALE HEADER</b> >NAME 1 14 >VALUE <b>PIN HEADER</b> 1 >NAME 14 >VALUE <b>FUSE HOLDER</b><p> 5 x 20 mm, SH contact, SHH1 Schukat / E1073 Buerklin >NAME >VALUE <b>DIODE</b> >NAME >VALUE <b>DIODE</b> >NAME >VALUE <b>AMP QUICK CONNECTOR</b> 1 >NAME >VALUE <b>EAGLE Design Rules</b> <p> The default Design Rules have been set to cover a wide range of applications. Your particular design may have different requirements, so please make the necessary adjustments and save your customized design rules under a new name.