L N - + S1 O1 S2 P2 87 x 50 mm )S(2015.02 DS Termostat + DS - Zdroj D N L 1 DS O2 50mA + + B3 A5 A1 A3 B4 + + B4 A1 A3 A5 - B3 RE1 RE2 +12V +5V + - ~ K K B B E AC230V E AC9V <b>RELAY</b><p> 2 x switch, Finder >NAME >VALUE <b>TO-92</b><p> grid 5.08 mm >NAME >VALUE <b>RESISTOR</b><p> type 0204, grid 7.5 mm >NAME >VALUE <b>CAPACITOR</b><p> grid 2.5 mm, outline 2.4 x 4.4 mm >NAME >VALUE <b>ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITOR</b><p> grid 5.08 mm, diameter 10.5 mm >NAME >VALUE <b>ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITOR</b><p> grid 2.54 mm, diameter 5 mm >NAME >VALUE <b>RESISTOR</b><p> type 0204, grid 2.5 mm >NAME >VALUE <b>DIODE</b> >NAME >VALUE <B>DIODE</B><p> diameter 1.8 mm, horizontal, grid 7.62 mm >NAME >VALUE <b>VOLTAGE REGULATOR</b> >NAME >VALUE - I O <b>TRANSFORMER</b><p> 1 primary winding, 1 secondary winding >NAME >VALUE P1 S1 EI30-1 1 5 10 6 <b>FUSE HOLDER</b><p> 5 x 20 mm, SH contact, SHH1 Schukat / E1073 Buerklin >NAME >VALUE <b>RECTIFIER</b> >VALUE >NAME <B>LED</B><p> 3 mm, round >NAME >VALUE <b>Female Headers etc.</b><p> Naming:<p> FE = female<p> # contacts - # rows<p> W = angled<p> <author>Created by librarian@cadsoft.de</author> <b>FEMALE HEADER</b> >NAME 1 >VALUE 7 <b>PTR Connectors</b><p> Aug. 2004 / PTR Meßtechnik:<br> Die Bezeichnung der Serie AK505 wurde geändert.<br> Es handelt sich hierbei um AK500 in horizontaler Ausführung.<p> <TABLE BORDER=0 CELLSPACING=1 CELLPADDING=2> <TR> <TD ALIGN=LEFT> <FONT SIZE=4 FACE=ARIAL><B>Alte Bezeichnung</B></FONT> </TD> <TD ALIGN=LEFT> <FONT SIZE=4 FACE=ARIAL><B>Neue Bezeichnung</B></FONT> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD ALIGN=LEFT> <B> <FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL color="#FF0000">AK505/2,grau</FONT> </B> </TD> <TD ALIGN=LEFT> <B> <FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL color="#0000FF">AK500/2-5.0-H-GRAU</FONT> </B> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD ALIGN=LEFT> <B> <FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL color="#FF0000">AK505/2DS,grau</FONT> </B> </TD> <TD ALIGN=LEFT> <B> <FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL color="#0000FF">AK500/2DS-5.0-H-GRAU</FONT> </B> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD ALIGN=LEFT> <B> <FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL color="#FF0000">AKZ505/2,grau</FONT> </B> </TD> <TD ALIGN=LEFT> <B> <FONT SIZE=3 FACE=ARIAL color="#0000FF">AKZ500/2-5.08-H-GRAU</FONT> </B> </TD> </TABLE> <author>Created by librarian@cadsoft.de</author> <b>CONNECTOR</b> >NAME >VALUE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 <b>CONNECTOR</b> >NAME >VALUE 1 2 3 <b>EAGLE Design Rules</b> <p> The default Design Rules have been set to cover a wide range of applications. Your particular design may have different requirements, so please make the necessary adjustments and save your customized design rules under a new name.